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Joe from Mt. Pleasant, PA

My family and I stayed at Just Another Day in Paradise and we enjoyed our vacation very much. This property is excellent for a large party. It is 2 separate units rented as 1. The only issue we had with it was that there is no connection from the inside to get to the other duplex. You can however get there from the outside which we did continuously. I will say that the upstairs is nicer than the downstairs but both were acceptable. The private pool is nice and our young children enjoyed it very much. The beach itself was great and the location makes this place because we felt like we had a private beach the whole time we were there. There was no fighting over a spot or many people nearby. This is a great place for a large number of folks. There is plenty of counter space in the kitchens and the bedrooms were comfortable. We would def stay here again if we have a large number.